A Dallas Venture Capitalist Speaks Volumes

Marc Sparks is a Dallas venture capitalist. He will speak volumes about any business idea. Mr. Sparks is a passionate entrepreneur who is known as an expert in Texas. He is not shy when it comes to speaking and providing great information about success and business.

A Good Business Idea can be Sold

If you are trying to sell a business idea to a venture capitalist, you may want to know one of the keys that will open the door to success. A great business idea can be sold with a good presentation. Your presentation must be meaningful if it is going to be successful.

In their Disqus page, Marc Sparks says there are some other ingredients that can be added into your presentation. A meaningful presentation will need some thought placed in it. If you are interested in having a huge impact and making a difference with your presentation, you will want to include some good ingredients.

Added Ingredients for a Meaningful Presentation

Your presentation has the ability to sell your business idea if it can really amaze and impress a venture capitalist. There are some ingredients that willwill maximize the effect of it. Prepare a very meaningful presentation by adding the following ingredients:
* include all team members; show off your team spirit and allow everyone to take pride in a solid team effort with a great product

* hold their attention by not complicating your presentation; a simplistic style will keep the attention of your audience. A venture capitalist will be able to absorb all of your information if simple is an added ingredient

* a legitimate story can be woven in with your data; proven research and a clear outline has the ability to fully interpret all of your data. This just might hook your potential investors and sway them to your great business idea

* use a visual for each point that you are making; do not add extra or unnecessary visuals that clutter up your presentation. Make sure that your point is clear and direct with all visuals that are used

Marc Sparks and Outrageous Success

Marc Sparks is informed of the outrageous success that may accompany entrepreneurialism. He has built and sold over a hundred million dollars’ worth of various products. He is a well-informed man of business who possesses a powerful and keen instinct. He has been able to experience an outrageous success and is willing to share his wisdom with others.

Global investment banking heavyweight, Madison Street Capital continues to ride the waves of success. Certainly, this revelation comes as a result of impeccable leadership and management. Charles Botchway designated as Madison Street Capital chief executive recently explained the firm’s role. The brief Enterprise Radio interview hosted by podcaster Eric Day focused chiefly on Madison Street Capital relationship with businesses and approach to counsel. As an M&A (Merger and Acquisitions) specialist, Madison Street Capital mastermind intervention for business operators needing professional guidance. Corporate finance is another area of expertise that allows the firm to help businesses address their pressing expansion and consolidation needs.

Charles Botchway founded Madison Street Capital in 2005. He didn’t assume the designation of chief executive until 2010. Under his leadership, the firm’s accomplishments over the years have been commendable. Chiefly, Botchway oversees strategic operations and directs the organizational functions. His extensive career within the fast-growing investment banking industry chiefly with M&A and corporate finance transactions inspired his entrepreneurial motives. Former roles included vice chair and co-chief executive of an international financial planner, Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc. Today, Botchway’s middle-market investment banking boutique, Madison Street Capital thrives as a premier M&A brand.

With their expertise, business operators wanting to cash out and exit or garner growth through acquisitions learn the best strategy. The aim is to find targets that actually allow them to complete the transactions successfully. Botchway shared a fascinating story during the interview of a family (father and son) whose business was on the brink of collapse as traditional creditors withdrew their lending. The Ohio-based manufacturing facility owned by the father had exhausted loan opportunities and slow economy made the struggle harder. The father passed away and Madison Street Capital intervened by strategically restructuring the business. In fact, it connected the heir to lucrative lenders who funded the cause and within 6 months to a year, it garnered double returns. The firm continues to rescue businesses undergoing a slow growth phase and exploring opportunities for expansion capital.

It’s sometimes challenging to allocate funding and continue operations as entrepreneurs expertise on these endeavors aren’t always extensive. Madison Street Capital interview clients to collect intelligence about their vision, strategic plans, and execution position. Additionally, it’ll learn about the steps they have in place and redress any existing inconsistencies. Lower end and middle market entrepreneurs face tough challenges today as it’s always their top priority to maximize returns while lessening the tax burden. So there’s always the tough decision to either exit or expand a company. Madison Street Capital guides companies through this process by assessing their position and providing a reasonable solution.

Botchway advises today’s entrepreneurs to monitor the key metrics that drive the operation. M&As continue to rescue businesses fueling growth desire. As Botchway firmly explains, organic growth is a challenging subject, especially for entrepreneurs outside of the technology industry. Companies that desire growth independently or a proper exit often look into acquisitions. Entrepreneurs need to manage their businesses for value and focus on the drivers that power it as Botchway emphasizes. Chiefly, it increases shareholder value and create growth capital opportunities.

Madison Street Capital flourish as a premier M&A specialist cementing some 42 hedge fund transactions globally last year. It’s an improvement by 27% compared to the previous 32 it recorded a year earlier. It’s a United Way Disaster Relief sponsor as well. The Chicago-based investment banker operates in Asia, North America, and Africa. Among the services it provides are financial asset management, investment banking, business valuation, financial consultation and reporting, corporate advisory, hedge fund/private equity administration, etc.

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Beverage company Organo Gold is changing the way that coffee and teas are being made. The company has recently announced that they are introducing a range of beverages that include coffees and teas that have been infused with Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as “The King of Herbs”, is an ancient Chinese herb and has been used for consumption over the last 4,000 years. It works to balance the alkalinity in the body, control inflammation, increases oxygen, helps detoxify, and boosts the body’s immune system. The new products offered by Organo Gold include Black Tea, Red Tea, Green Tea, Café Latte, Mocha, Black Coffee, and Hot Chocolate.

Bernardo T. Chua is the founder of Organo Gold. While Chua is originally from the Philippines, he comes from a Chinese heritage which allowed him to become familiar with Ganoderma Lucidum from a young age. Wanting to share this ancient herb with the rest of the world, he founded Organo Gold in 2008. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, he started the company as a multi-level marketing network and it has now grown to a global company. Organo Gold operates in over 35 countries across the world.

In 2015, Bernardo Chua and two members of his Organo Gold company were awarded with the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Awards in his native country of the Philippines. In addition to the personal awards, the company itself also was awarded with two People’s Choice Awards. The Dangal ng Bayan Awards are given in honor of those Filipinos who follow their dreams and motivate their fellow countrymen to do the same. His Facebook indicates Chua was also recognized with the honor of “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur” for building Organo Gold from a start-up into a globally successful company.  One of Bernardo’s especially inspiring speeches can be heard on YouTube.

Darius Fisher is a rising star in the business world. After recent PR nightmares that included some high profile names, a “fixer” like Fisher is in high demand if you are looking to keep your digital reputation at the top of its game, and Fisher has more than proved himself in the area.
Fisher is the co-founder and President of Status Labs, a company that manages online reputations, digital marketing, and public relations. The company currently services more than 1,500 clients in around 35 countries from its offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo. They have amassed an amazing clientele that includes CEOs, athletes, public figures, politicians, and many Fortune 500 Brands. Fisher is at the helm leading the charge in correcting reputations and fixing any negative media his clients may have. He began a political consultant and copy writer after graduating with honors from Vanderbilt University and has made a successful climb in the industry.
In the past year, Status Labs has grown quite a bit. The company has grown from 25 to 35 tight-knit and talented SEO experts, public relations experts, social media specialists, creative writers, and digital marketers. They have amazed a board of very well respected professionals in the PR industry who have helped guide the company through the rapidly growing digital industry.
As the company has grown, they have made it a top priority to remain close with the community and regularly stay involved in local volunteer opportunities that the companies employees are very passionate about. They have worked along side charities like Dress for Success, Caritas, The Capital Food Bank of Texas, Urban Roots, and The Blood & Tissue Center of Central Texas. They have also become involved in a pro bono project where they are donating their PR services to a former professor at a university who’s career was ended after videos of her standing with students who experienced racism on campus went viral.
Status Labs and Darius Fisher are striving to remain at the top of their industry while also holding strong to their ethical standards and carefully choosing who they will do business with. After a whirlwind year that has proven to be great for this company, the company has stated how proud it is of the team they have become and they plan to continue to remain committed to their business and ethical beliefs as they move forward into what is sure to be another great year.

General overview of Human Rights Foundation

by Skye on

Human Rights Foundation is a nonprofit organization that globally protects and promotes human rights. This organization is largely interested in closed societies.it strives to defend human rights thus bringing unity among people as well as promoting liberal democracy. Human Rights Foundation works with a mission of ensuring freedom is promoted and preserved all over the world. Most of the work done in this great organization is based on purely represented ideals from human rights movement which was held in 1976.
Mission and Work
There are several entitlements that are believed in with those working within this nonpartisan organization. It is believed that all human beings have the right and freedom to dispose and acquire property, self-determination, expression and association among others. In addition to these, it is believed that all citizens have the right to participate in political decisions and cases of torture and slavery should be done away with. Human Rights Foundation seeks to sustain liberty struggle in areas where threats are highly experienced.
Work in this organization is done in deep commitment to ensure liberty for all individuals. The main goal of raising awareness about freedom and its nature is achieved. Most programs by this foundation mainly educate people on what a free society consists of, need for freedom, how it is nurtured, developed and also sustained. The main aim of Human Rights Foundation is to keep individuals, experts, intellectuals, leaders and the general public updated on how to promote tolerance and freedom in hostile regions.
Amazing deeds of Thor Halvorssen
Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist who is also the founder of Human Rights Foundation. He founded this nonprofit organization in 2005. He started advocating for human rights during the time of apartheid in South Africa by opposing it in 1989. At this time he was in London. Mr.Halvorssen has had strong views and opinions on human rights and this has made him appear in numerous venues like The Wall Street Journal, The Economist among others.
Thor has wide understanding on the significance human rights. This has made him become involved in full time participation of promoting human rights. His foundation has helped several people who have been accused falsely and facing imprisonment charges.

There’s a lot to like about Twitter. While this digital technology has been with us a relatively short amount of time, many of us have become very reliant on it as a form of communication, both locally and internationally. However, Twitter has its dark side as well. An unfortunate number of people use it as a means to either originate or respond to commentary with racist remarks.

A recent example of this recently arose in South Africa, a country certainly no stranger to prejudice. While remarkable gains have been made over the last decade in terms of racial equality and social justice, long held prejudices continue simmer just under the country’s surface. And on Twitter, as it turns out. The social media watchdog Woke Twitter recently revealed the racist comments of three prominent Cape Town area South Africans. Realtor Penny Sparrowdescribed black South Africans as “monkeys”. Exercise mogul Justin van Vuuren called them “the scum of the nation”, and Standard Bank global investment strategist Chris Hart said those who had been the victims of the former government’s apartheid policy now felt “entitled” to recompense for what they had suffered.

But it turns out that other people pay attention to Twitter postings besides Woke Twitter and fellow posters. South Africa’s ruling body, the African National Congress (ANC) announced in early January that it would be bringing criminal charges against Sparrow, van Vuuren, and Hart, whose bigoted remarks threatened the “already fragile social fabric of South Africa”. The ANC was also bringing racist charges against the three through the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

Some commenters have questioned whether or not the three have the right to publicly express such views no matter no repugnant, without consequences. However, Brenda Wardle points out that the South African constitution limits free speech in instances where remarks can injure the reputation or rights of others, as Sparrow and her fellow posters did. And Wardle is certainly qualified to offer opinion on this controversy. She is a South African legal analyst who is well-known to followers of the recent infamous “Blade Runner” murder trial. In addition to offering legal expertise to print and online followers of the case, Wardle authored a book on it, To Kill A Fragile Rose.

Wardle holds both bachelor and masters legal degrees and is currently working on a doctorate from the University of South Africa. She has been one of that institution’s rising legal stars, and is currently the chief operating officer of the Wardle College of Law. In addition to her media and academic work, Wardle is also a fierce advocate of educating and advancing minorities through the South African legal profession. She is also a firm believer of the empowerment of all South Africans by insuring that their dignity is protected.

Marcio Alaor is a surprising choice for executive, not because he is undeserving of it, but because of the position that he started in when he first became an employee of the bank. He worked very hard throughout his career and was able to become one of the best that the bank had ever seen in the world of banking.

As a shoe shiner, Marcio Alaor provided a service to businessmen who worked in banks and big corporate offices. He knew that these men would want to have their shoes expertly shined and provided the service to them at one of the best deals possible. He worked hard and made sure that all of the shoes he worked on were nearly perfect. This was something that many shiners did not do, but something that ended up paying off big time for Marcio Alaor and the career journey he would eventually embark on.

One pair of shoes that Marcio Alaor shined belonged to an executive of BMG bank. The executive had his shoes shined on a regular basis and knew Marcio by name. He always shined his shoes and always did a job that was above average. The executive was impressed with the work that Alaor did and offered him a position at the bank. He knew that he would have to start slow with the young man, but knew that he would pick things up quickly because of how dedicated he was at just a simple job that did not mean much.

Once employed by the bank, Marcio Alaor proved his mentor right. He worked as hard as he had as a shoe shiner and was able to do the best job possible in this entry-level position. While he was working at the bank, he gained many promotions. This was because of the pride and the dedication that he had toward his job. He always made sure that, no matter how high he rose in the bank, he was always striving to take it one step further. This paid off for him in the long run.

He eventually became the vice president of the bank. He now holds a position that is similar to the one that his mentor had while he was being trained at the bank. As the VP, he makes sure that he is able to provide the best experience possible. He is a hard worker and has not given up on the dedication that he has toward the company despite being one of the biggest positions at the bank. He always makes sure that he keeps his eye out for the little guy of the bank who shows that he has drive, even without any experience.



The vice president of the Banco BMG bank of Brazil Mr. Marcio Alaor announced the partnership between BMG and ITAU bank. Marcio confirmed the partnership in an interview with the Estado de minas ending the speculation of the banks purchase. The bank of ITAU is the fifth largest bank in Brazil. It mainly specializes with the mining and has been dubbed the mining bank. On the other hand, the BMG is the pioneer of the consignment credit. The partnership of the two banks to create an R$ 1 billion bank is a big relieve for private sector. The current banks have limited access to payroll bank to the public sector leaving the private sector untapped. The new ITAU-BMG payroll banker is anticipated to fill the gap.


Marcio also confirmed the details of the partnership that include the 70-30 percentage shares ownership of the ITAU and BMG respectively. The majority of employees driving the economy are from the private sector. The crisis in the Brazilian economy has resulted to the scarcity of money. The banks will have to outsource funds for the new bank. Marcio was optimistic the new bank will grow BMG returns in the next five years to R$ 3.5 billion dollars.


The partnership is presenting a huge opportunity for the both banks to grow. The bank also benefits the customers. The new bank will also caution the new bank the high rate of credit default present in the market. The BMG bank has currently over 5 million customer while the ITAU bank has around 3 million customers. The new bank will caution. The new bank will operate on roughly the 8 million customers forwarded from both banks. Also, the ITAU has processed payrolls before for several companies. The benefits of this trust will be a big boost for the new bank.


Marcio is avid economic analyst with several years experience. He is the vice president of BMG. Marcio is from San Antonio in Brazil. He is also an executive with the BMG bank. He is a graduate in finance and accounting and has served in several senior positions in the finance sector. Marcio is dedicated team leader with proven record in achieving BMG goals. The vice president is also a strong supporter and sponsor of Brazilian soccer. BMG currently is the largest supporter of football in Brazil. Recapped from http://www.em.com.br/app/noticia/economia/2012/07/14/internas_economia,306005/parceria-BMG-e-ITAU-nasce-um-banco-de-r-1-bilhao.shtml


There is a bit of concern about the prices of drugs that people have to pay in order to be treated effectively. Kyle Bass and Erich Spangenberg are going after the pharmaceutical companies with the purpose of lowering the prices. It is believed that there are a few suspicious patents that are keeping the prices for drugs high. Mr. Bass has stated that the system is broken. As a result, the prices for treatments are rising. If the system does not get fixed, then the prices will continue to rise for the same old drugs. While prices are rising, the quality of the drugs are not.

Of course, the pharmaceutical companies are fighting against this challenge for a patent review. One thing that they are worried about is the patents being removed and the drugs being carried by generic sellers. The prices will drop and they will lose profits. Money and profits seem to play a big role in this affair. One thing that Kyle Bass was accused of was exploiting and manipulating the system in order to get profits. Kyle Bass did acknowledge his lust for money. He also pointed out that pharmaceutical companies work for money and profit as well, so he sees no difference.

The pharma companies have hoped to have the coalition sanctioned, but the board has ruled against it. However, Kyle Bass has made calls that are probably worth sanctioning. He has also made statements and alliances that have made people lose faith in him. His actions have caused people to wonder why someone who had a big success at one point would proceed to sinking so low in ethics. Many people are baffled at Bass’s eagerness for financial gain at the cost of his own integrity and reputation. However, when one looks at the track record of Kyle Bass, it is easy to understand what would have sent him over the edge.

Jim McTague acknowledges that Kyle Bass’s career has been rather dismal, and it’s something CNBC have investigated themselves. He has had a track record of wrong choices. He is known as the one who is unable to do anything right. One recent report in 2014 has shown that Kyle has lost about 30% of his funds. As of right now, Kyle keeps his funds a secret. This is most likely because he does not want others to see how much he is failing. He has gone the opposite direction of the hedge fund managers that have been performing the best.

The above does explain his recent actions. They are little more than the desperate acts of a man who is losing a lot and he knows it. It seems the further that Bass goes, the deeper the hole he digs for himself. Many people are wondering what the next fall is going to be for Kyle Bass.

I care for my dog because he provides me with great company. As a result, I want to make sure that he is well nourished so that he stays healthy longer. I trust Beneful products because my veterinarian recommends it. I can offer my dog a variety of products filled with real meat, wholesome vegetables, and hearty grains. Beneful makes several dry dog food products that my dog enjoys. The Beneful Dry Food Originals products are made with either chicken, beef, or salmon. Antioxidant-rich nutrition is provided by the tender and crunchy kibble bits. The salmon flavor also provides omega-rich nutrition, which helps my dog maintain a healthy skin and a magnificent coat. The Beneful Incredibites Dry Dog Food varieties offer my dog more protein and 100% of the nutrients that he needs to survive. The Healthy Weight Beneful Dry Dog Food product is made with a calorie smart recipe, while including flavors that my dog still enjoys consuming. I can also offer my dog the Healthy Puppy variety, so my dog can consume a calcium rich formula. DHA is also included in the Beneful Healthy puppy Dry Dog Food to help support healthy sight development and a an alert mind. I also enjoy giving my dog a treat here and there when he has been well behaved. According to twitter Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges help reduce tartar and plaque buildup in my pet. They also freshen his breath and support strong teeth and bones. The treats have savory, meaty middles and are accented with parsley. I usually get the mini size since my dog is not large, but the dental ridges are also available in medium and large sizes. With so many varieties of dog food to choose, my dog never gets tired of his meals. I switch the Beneful Dog Food products that I offer him based on his current needs. I feel confident that the products have been carefully checked for quality and tested for toxins before they are sold to me.